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Silverfish eating your books and clothes again? Even though they don’t harm humans, they’re ability to damage things around your home is frustrating. Who wants creepy crawly creatures living inside their home, especially ones that never seem to go away? Here at Fox Pest Control, we believe your home (and your belongings) should belong to you and only you.

Signs of a Silverfish Infestation

You might already know for sure that you have a silverfish problem. But here are a couple of the most common signs of a silverfish infestation in Boston Area. 


Silverfish might come into the open near windows, or they can even fall out of light fixtures when they infiltrate attics or roofs.


Silverfish can eat books, wooden chess sets, wallpaper, or natural fibers in clothing like cotton. These can appear as holes, wormlike trails, or chewing marks.

Things You Need to Know About Silverfish

  • Silverfish get their name from the silver coating on their exoskeleton. This coating gives them a metallic look when they wriggle around on their six legs. 
  • This wriggle looks somewhat similar to a fish wiggling around in the water.
  •  Unlike other pests like spiders and scorpions, silverfish won’t harm you.
  •  However, they can eat just about anything in your house. Silverfish have been known to eat many different kinds of food — basically everything we eat as humans.
  • They will also eat plant-based items like wallpaper, books, cotton and wall studs if they find their way inside your home. 
  • If silverfish get inside, it’s likely because the soil outside your house became dry. When this happens, silverfish will travel toward wet spots inside the home for moisture. 

Helpful Silverfish Prevention Tips:

  • Seal common entry points.
  • Reduce moisture in and around the home. 
  • Clean before and after meals.
  • Reduce hiding places by cleaning around kitchen appliances and other potential hiding places.
  • Clean up the yard: including branches, leaves, and woodpiles

How Do I Get Rid Of Silverfish?

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Silverfish Control FAQ

How do I get rid of silverfish?

Silverfish are extremely difficult to remove without professional help because they are capable of eating virtually everything. Vacuuming can help scare them out of the open, but ultimately, you’ll want a solution that can help you feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Call Fox Pest Control today to reclaim your home from pests.

Why do I have silverfish in my house?

Most likely, the silverfish came from the soil around your house. Something may have happened to make them want to come inside. Maybe the soil near the house dried out, so they made their way toward a wet spot inside the home to keep from drying out. 

Are silverfish dangerous?

Although silverfish don’t bite, they can contaminate your food, and they can certainly be a big nuisance. Once they get inside the house, they can eat the walls, an old chess set, or even the carpet.

What are silverfish?

Silverfish are wingless insects with six legs, two antennae, and three antennae-like structures on its abdomen that look like three tails.

What do silverfish eat? What makes silverfish a pest?

Silverfish can eat almost anything. This destructive ability is one of the things that make this bug a pest for homeowners.

Silverfish can eat “people food” as well as wallpaper, books, wall studs, and anything made of cotton or natural fabrics

Are silverfish beneficial to the environment?

Actually, yes, they are — when they aren’t eating your books, clothes, or walls. These little silvery guys are like the garbage cleanup crew of the world. Since they can eat living or decaying material, they help clean up rotting things, from a dead animal to a fallen tree. 

Where do silverfish get their name?

Silverfish get their name from having a silvery coating on their scale-like exoskeleton. They also have a quick, fishlike wiggle in the way they move. 

Are silverfish silver? Are silverfish related to fish?

Silverfish have a silvery coating on their scale-like exoskeleton, but they aren’t actually silver, and they’re not related to fish at all.

Boston Area Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

Today I had my first experience with Fox Pest Control as they came out for an initial visit. Xavier came out and was super professional, explained everything clearly, and was super fast and careful protecting our house. Thank you!

– K Crain

Posted September 13, 2020

5 Stars

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– Codewiz Student

Posted September 10, 2020

5 Stars

We just signed up with Fox. They were extremely professional, explained the job and all the options for service. Our technician, Dalton, was punctual, professional, and even walked me through the work he performed and areas to be aware of. In addition, he clearly explained next steps and addressed any worries I had. Excellent service all around

– David Moan

Posted September 06, 2020

4 Stars

Everyone I've dealt with has been professional, prompt, and seemless while on my property.

– Jason Gallagher

Posted September 04, 2020

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Tim Collins

Posted September 03, 2020

5 Stars

Great so far. Everything has been taken care of.

– Phil Lamoreaux

Posted September 02, 2020

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