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The only things that should be tearing up your yard are soccer games and family fun. That being said, you’re probably not too happy when you see a little animal like a gopher tunneling through the grass. Gophers are sneaky creatures, but the damage they leave is obvious. Who wants to deal with that? Fox Pest Control wants to help you take back your home. 

Signs of a Gopher Problem

You might already know for sure that you have a gopher problem. But here are a couple of the most common signs of a gopher problem in Boston Area. 


Since gophers are highly vigilant and able to eat plant roots underground, they rarely appear above ground. However, they may pop their heads up every so often to find another plant to eat or to search for water.

Tunnel Entrances

The main sign of gophers is their tunnels. Active entrances typically look like roundish, sandy spots with fresh dirt. Inactive tunnels have dense, unturned dirt.

Damaged Plants

Gophers eat plants by finding their roots and dragging the entire plant underground and storing the uneaten ones in gallery tunnels. Even fairly large plants can die or vanish overnight.

Things You Need to Know About Gophers

  • Many people mistake gophers for moles. However, there are a few distinct differences between the two.
  • Key Differences Between Gophers and Moles
    • Gophers have external ears, but moles don’t.
    • Gopher plugs (mounds) are 10-20 inch in diameter, and mole mounds are 2 inch in diameter on the surface
    • Despite these differences, both gophers and moles cause serious problems.
    • Gophers can dig over 200 mounds in a year, destroying piping, cables, and plants in the process. 
  • You’ll most likely see gophers in the spring and fall, because that’s the best time for them to come out and dig. 

Helpful Gopher Prevention Tips: 

  • Set up a barn owl box to entice owls to hunt gophers

How Do I Get Rid Of Gophers?

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Gopher Control FAQ

How are gophers beneficial to the environment?

When they aren’t tearing up your yard and destroying your plants, gophers move a huge amount of earth every year, which helps to aerate the soil.

Are gophers dangerous?

Gophers are usually more dangerous to the landscaping of your property than they are to you, your family, or your pets. They don’t usually carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. 

What problems do gophers cause?

Gophers eat plants of all kinds, completely destroying every plant they can find. Additionally, gophers can bring fleas and ticks onto your yard. They can also attract other pests into the area.

What’s the difference between moles and gophers?

Have pointy noses
Have tiny eyes that are almost invisible
Have shovel-like forepaws
Make circular mounds
Are not rodents, but a type of insectivorous mammal
Eat grubs, worms, bugs, and other invertebrates
Create extensive tunnels that are usually close to the surface

Some types of gophers look like a stubby squirrel with a shorter, less bushy tail than a squirrel
Create mounds with a cone shape that has a dirt doorway called a plug
Dig deep tunnels while searching for plant roots and bulbs
Only eat plants
Have large front teeth and visible eyes
“Pocket” gophers have food pouches on the outside of their cheeks.

What’s the difference between a gopher and a groundhog?

Size. Gopher are typically between 1-2 pounds. Groundhogs can grow up to about 13 pounds. 

Food pouch. Some gophers have a fur-lined “pocket” on the outside of their cheeks where they can store food. 

Tails and feet. Gophers usually have hairless tails and pink feet, whereas groundhogs have hairy tails and dark brown or black feet. 

Noticeable front Teeth. Gophers’ four front teeth protrude more and are more noticeable than groundhogs’. 

Hibernation. Gophers don’t hibernate, but groundhogs spend the winter hibernating in their burrow until spring.

Speciation. Gophers are more closely related to mice and rats, whereas a groundhog is actually a type of ground squirrel called a marmot.

How many gophers are on my property?

Gophers are solitary creatures. They don’t live in packs or colonies, so chances are good that there is only one gopher. 

Do lots of gopher holes mean lots of gophers?

The number of holes a gopher makes may not necessarily indicate the number of gophers in the area. 

Is it possible to get rid of gophers?

Fox Pest Control can get rid of them for you. When it comes to treating them, the number of gophers present on your property doesn’t always matter. The method and consistency of treatments are the strongest factors that will work against gophers.

Boston Area Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

We have never needed pest control in the past and we randomly called Fox. We couldn't be happier with Phil the technician that came to service our home. Phil was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and patient. He answered all of our questions and put us at ease. If all of Fox's technicians are like Phil then you'll be in good hands.

– Anthony Falzone

Posted December 12th 2019

5 Stars

We've been using FOX for the last few years for seasonal pest maintenance. Every time we see some sort of pest activity outside our regular seasonal treatment, they come quick and take care of it. The workers are always kind and courteous and answer my questions and concerns. We've recommended this company to a number of family and friends who have also used FOX for treatment.

– Tara Canaan

Posted December 1st 2019

5 Stars

We have only experienced outstanding service from our techs, especially Sterling. He is very respectful and so sweet!! Good communication from their main office too! Happy customer, will recommend to friends in our area :)

– Tina Le

Posted December 8th 2019

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