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If you’re anything like most people, the thought of earwigs causes a full-fledged panic attic. What if they crawl in your ears and lay eggs there? Thankfully, that’s extremely unlikely to happen. But that doesn’t mean it’s not shocking when you see one running across your bathroom floor. Who wants to share their toilet and shower with little pinching creatures? Honestly, no one should have to worry about that. Here at Fox Pest Control, we work hard so you can feel safe in your home.

Signs of an Earwig Infestation

You might already know for sure that you have an earwig problem. But here are a couple of the most common signs of an earwig infestation in Boston Area. 


The only sign of an earwig infestation is to actually see them crawling around. These insects require moisture in order to survive long. Earwigs are most commonly found in vegetable gardens, not inside houses. This means they’re most likely brought inside via an item of clothing, harvested vegetables (like corn husks), dirt from a boot, or even in sleeping bags or tents after a camping trip.

Things You Need to Know About Earwigs

  • Earwigs are usually ¼-1 inch long 
  • They range in color from light brown to reddish brown to black. 
  • They have a pair of pincers on their abdomen, called cerci, that they use to defend themselves, grab prey and mate. 
  • Earwigs do not carry any diseases that are harmful to humans or other animals. 

Helpful Earwig Prevention Tips:

  • Seal common entry points.
  • Reduce access to water: repair water damage and fix leaks
  • Clean regularly to root them out from hiding places

How Do I Get Rid Of Earwigs?

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Your technician will conduct a thorough pest control inspection of your home and property in order to provide a customized earwig treatment plan that will be most effective for your situation.


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Why Choose Fox Pest Control in Boston Area

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Earwig Control FAQ

How do I get rid of earwigs?

Although they prefer to stay outside, earwigs occasionally find their way inside. If you have lots of earwigs hanging around your home and garden, it’s time to call Fox Pest Control so you can spend your time focused on what matters most and leave the bugs to us.

What problems do earwigs cause?

Overall, earwigs won’t cause much damage in the garden, especially when compared to more serious garden pests like Japanese beetles and aphids.

However, earwigs can become a minor problem for gardens by invading and eating crops. For example, they can crawl inside corn husks and eat the sweet kernels inside.

Can earwigs bite me with their pincers?

If an earwig is handled or feels threatened, it may use those pincers against you. 

Are earwigs poisonous?

Luckily, a bite from an earwig’s pincers isn’t venomous or deadly, and usually cannot break the skin. 

Will earwigs eat my garden?

Earwigs can eat garden and field crops, including tomatoes, corn, lettuce, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables, especially during the early growing stages when the plants are most tender. They aren’t as big a problem as garden pests like Japanese beetles and aphids.

Do earwigs have different kinds of pincers?

The pincers on male earwigs are curved while they’re straight in females.

Will earwigs crawl into my ears?

Earwigs aren’t likely to crawl on your body, especially not your ears or on your head. Your ears don’t provide enough moisture for them to survive.

Where did earwigs get their name?

Earwigs got their name from a myth that they would crawl into your ears to lay eggs. Your ear isn’t very tempting for them because they wouldn’t be able to survive inside it. So, you don’t have to worry that an earwig will crawl into your ear, much less lay eggs there.

What are earwig pincers used for?

Those pincers, also called “cerci,” are intimidating for a reason. Earwigs use them during mating, to catch prey items, and for self-defense.

Boston Area Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Paul Strobel

Posted July 12, 2020

5 Stars

My first experience with this company was from a walk by sales man, Jacob. He was very professional and explained what the company does and the program they were offering. He set up my first service call immediately since we had ants and hornets and spiders. Our technician was fast and courteous. We have not seen any bugs in a few weeks! Highly recommend this company! Very happy

– Renee Smith

Posted July 10, 2020

5 Stars

Xavier came in and explained thoroughly what was going to be done as part of the initial service. He also walked me through the process of different activities as part of this service in the yard, on the home foundation as well as the basement. He answered all my questions related to the service call and also provided an overview of what would happen on subsequent visits. I appreciate the time and effort put in my Xavier and his colleague in providing an excellent service during the first visit.

– Manoj Nair

Posted July 08, 2020

5 Stars

Xavier and Harry were great. They worked quickly together and explained everything thoroughly. They set the expectations on what to expect in the near future so I know what to expect.

– Daniel Morais

Posted July 08, 2020

5 Stars

Xavier and Harry were very friendly and knowledgeable. They were more than willing to answer any questions I had and explain the options for treatment. I would highly recommend Fox to my friends.Steve C.

– stephen c

Posted July 08, 2020

5 Stars

Overall great service money back guarantee makes them a no brainer over any other competition!

– Kyle Bentall

Posted July 01, 2020

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