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Centipedes are the horror movie epitome of creepy crawly bugs. You’ve probably seen one of them slithering across your floor, or maybe you’ve even stepped on one. Wiping smooshed centipede from your floors isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, and nobody should have to live in fear of them. Here at Fox Pest Control, we want you and your family to feel comfortable and safe in your home.

Signs of a Centipede Infestation

You might already know for sure that you have a centipede problem. But here are a couple of the most common signs of a centipede infestation in Boston Area. 


Since centipedes are carnivorous, the presence of other insects in the house could lead to a centipede infestation.


Since house centipedes are the most common type of centipede infestation, it is possible to find one crawling along the floor or up a wall.

Pet Behavior

Pets, especially cats, could show alert behavior or agitation when they come across a house centipede.

Things You Need To Know About Centipedes

  • They have: sharp pointy legs, pincers which inject venom, and long, slimy bodies 
  • Since centipedes are carnivores, they prey primarily on insects they find around your home. 
  • The fewer bugs you have around your property, the fewer centipedes you’ll have. 

Helpful Centipede Prevention Tips: 

  • Seal weather trimming, door sweeps and other common entry points with silicone caulking. 
  • Seal food in airtight containers.
  • Clean to make sure your home is free of food particles and dirty dishes.

How Do I Get Rid Of Centipedes?

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Your technician will conduct a thorough pest control inspection of your home and property in order to provide a customized centipede treatment plan that will be most effective for your situation.


You will receive a detailed report of the service provided and helpful recommendations to remain centipede free.

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Centipede Control FAQ

How do I get rid of centipedes?

Fox Pest Control is the most effective and efficient way to make sure centipedes are permanently evicted. While there are home solutions that can be used to eradicate centipedes and their food sources — other insects — home solutions often drive the insects deeper into the home rather than eradicating them. 

Are centipedes poisonous to humans?

Centipede venom isn’t usually strong enough to seriously harm people or pets. But in general, the larger and more colorful the centipede, the stronger the venom. 

Are centipedes dangerous?

These little critters rarely bite people unless threatened. In fact, there are people in some countries who keep centipedes for pets and give them free rein of their house. 

Do centipedes have pincers?

Centipedes have a powerful pair of pincers under their heads that they use as needles to inject venom. 

Can centipedes bite?

With pincers located under their heads, centipedes can bite people if handled improperly. 

Are centipedes aggressive toward people?

Although they’re not exactly cuddly, they aren’t usually aggressive toward humans.

Boston Area Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

Just experienced great pest control from Travis who stopped by our house tonight. He was very informative and answered all of my questions. He is a great employee and deserves a raise.

– Matthew Spano

Posted May 22, 2019

5 Stars

Allie and Kevin are the best. Helpful, insightful and really answered all my questions and concerns. ALREADY seeing a difference no more ants . Thank u so much!!

– Heather Zentgraf

Posted May 22, 2019

5 Stars

Rachel + Jonathan were very curtious and professional

– Joe Silva

Posted May 21, 2019

5 Stars

Rachel was very pleasant and did a great job and explain things in detail as I asked... could not be any happier. A+ Plus for her...

– Scott Lawrence

Posted May 18, 2019

5 Stars

We had our first treatment yesterday. Rachel and Dylan were friendly and explained the process clearly. I recommend this company.

– Mary Metcalf

Posted May 14, 2019

5 Stars

Rachel was very polite, professional, and thorough. Surprised but glad to finally meet a female who works in this business, awesome!

– Vini Saptari-Deng

Posted May 11, 2019

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