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Happy Spring! Is Your Property Ready?Posted April 14, 2022

Whether or not the groundhog was right, Spring is finally here! The robins are nesting, the dandelions are blooming, and the bugs are hatching. But is your property ready?

Why Are There More Bugs in the Spring?

Some of our perception that there are more bugs in the Spring is just that… perception. We’ve been cooped up all winter – hiding from the winter weather – and so have a lot of the pests. Other than the spiders in the basement or hiding in your closet, with Massachusetts’ cold and snow we generally haven’t seen a lot of insects since the fall.

It’s not that the insects haven’t been here. But most of them hate the cold weather and hid in the warm, dark places until the weather warms back up. Pests that like to overwinter in your home include everything from termites and carpenter ants to mosquitos and boxelder bugs

Some – like boxelder bugs – aren’t particularly dangerous for your home, except for the excrement stains they can leave on siding or the smell when you step on them. Other pests may have been quietly damaging your property all winter long.

The other reason insects seem more prevalent in the Spring is that the warm, wet weather is a perfect breeding ground. Mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in standing water, while termites and carpenter ants both swarm in the Spring looking for new places to build more colonies. Others, like ticks, are more active as the weather warms up, but we also tend to notice them more because we are also spending more time in the great outdoors.

Can Spring Cleaning Keep Pests Away?

There’s a reason that Spring cleaning became a tradition… and at least part of it is getting rid of whatever pests have crawled into your home over the winter. Cleaning out closets, crawl spaces, and basements to remove clutter and/or dust can help you sweep away the eggs of bugs that have been living there. It can also help you spot places where insect damage might be occurring.

Key focuses for Spring cleaning inside your house include thoroughly cleaning rugs and heavy draperies where pests – like the common Clothes Moth – might be hiding and locating any standing water that could provide a breeding ground for mosquitos. Many insects use dust and other debris as a place to hide and raise their young, so a good cleaning can help get them out of the house.

But your Spring cleaning should not stop at the front door! Many Spring pests live in your yard… so now is the time to get rid of any wood and leaf debris that accumulated over the winter (like broken branches and twigs). Make sure that firewood is stored off the ground and away from the house – and restack any that might have been scattered by storms. Wood matter provides a breeding and feeding ground for pests like termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants. So, Spring cleaning your yard is vital to having a happy Spring!

When Should I Spray for Bugs in the Spring?

The best time to have your house and yard treated for Spring pest control is early Spring. As the days start warming up, insects are going to be coming out of hiding, looking for warmth and light

However, “spraying” for bugs isn’t necessarily the right option. At Fox Pest Control, we have a variety of treatment options. For exteriors, we often rely on granular applications or insecticidal dusts instead of sprays because these treatments are formulated for extended release and longer residual life. This makes them more effective outside and more resistant to weather than sprays.

As soon as they start emerging is the perfect time to talk to professional pest control experts about preventing a bigger problem. That said, it’s never too late to address a pest problem, so if you forget to do it… take care of it when you do remember.

Fox Pest Control Provides Peace of Mind

When pest control treatments are done early in the Spring, they can help prevent the entire next generation of pests from finding a home on your property… and can last longer. Make a pest inspection part of your Spring-cleaning routine this year and eliminate insects before you even see the problem. For help with preventing bugs this Spring, contact Fox Pest Control today.

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