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Are You Seeing Ants in Your Kitchen?Posted April 7, 2022

Spring’s warmer temperatures don’t just bring flowers. Increased insect activity comes with it. If you’re not careful, that can also mean an ant infestation – and your kitchen is especially vulnerable.

Why Am I Getting Ants in My Kitchen?

Kitchens are a prime target for various types of ants — including little black ants, sugar ants, and tiny brown ants – because the food sources there are an easy bounty. Spring rains also have a tendency to flood outdoor ant colonies… causing them to seek a new location that makes your home – and especially your kitchen – even more attractive.

Will Ants Go Away on Their Own?

Once your home has an ant infestation, it’s there to stay until eliminated. Think about it – why would they give up an easy food source and shelter from extreme weather and predators?

How Do You Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen?

Many people try home remedies to eliminate ants. The truth is home remedies aren’t very effective, so while they might kill or deter a few, it actually gives the larger group of ants time to entrench in your home more fully. The fastest way to get rid of ants is a two-prong approach – make your home less appealing to them and get professional help to eliminate the ants already there.

Deter ant infestations by:

  1. Removing their food supply
    Keep food in well-sealed containers or in the refrigerator. Wipe countertops, the stovetop, tables, etc., immediately after food prep so there aren’t any crumbs or residue for ants. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. Avoid leaving pet food out when they aren’t eating it.
  2. Seal cracks
    Sugar ants, odorous house ants, etc. can enter your home through even the smallest opening. Use silicone caulk, wood putty, or something similar to fill any cracks, gaps around pipes, conduits, etc. into your home. Also, replace any damaged weather stripping and repair damaged door and window screens.
  3. Replace wood mulch
    Ants have been known to nest under wood and straw mulch. If you’re adding mulch to your landscaping, use stone mulch instead.

What Causes Sugar Ants in Your House?

As the name indicates, sugar ants are attracted by sweet things. This includes spilled items that are sugary and/or sticky, like soda, fruit juice, honey, melted ice cream, etc. Always wipe up immediately to avoid this.

Keep food (especially sweet foods like cereals) in tightly sealed plastic, glass, or metal containers. Avoid keeping fruit on a kitchen countertop or in a bowl on the table because that can also attract sugar ants.

Fox Pest Control Can Keep Ants from Bugging You

If you have an ant problem, call Fox Pest Control. The small number of ants you’re seeing is just a fraction of the actual amount there. Fox Pest Control of Boston can solve the ant infestation quickly and efficiently.  Contact us today.

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